Lecture Abstract

This lecture presents three projects funded by the Research Fund for Coal and Steel (RFCS) linked to the objectives of the European Green Deal, aiming to achieve in the EU no net emissions of greenhouse gases in 2050 and with economic growth decoupled from resource use.

First, the POTENTIALS project focuses on the repurposing of end-of-life underground coal mines, identifying and assessing the development of new business models relying on renewable energy and contributing to the circular economy.

Second, the GreenJOBS project develops some of these business models by leveraging five competitive advantages of end-of-life underground coal mines: (1) mine water for geothermal and green hydrogen; (2) connections to the grid to inject the electricity produced; (3) large waste heap areas for installing photovoltaic/wind; (4) deep infrastructure suitable for unconventional pumped hydro storage using dense fluids; (5) fine coal waste for recycling into dense fluids, soil substitutes for restoration and rare earths.

Finally, the RECOVERY project presents a novel approach to land rehabilitation of coal mining waste heaps with intensive eroded slopes and highly acidic character, by developing artificial soils using industrial by-products and wastes produced during the extraction and combustion of coal, as well as organic waste materials.

Speakers: Professor Stanisław Prusek & Prof Alicja Krzemień

Stanisław PRUSEK – Professor and Director of the Central Mining Institute (GIG) in Katowice, Poland.

Former Head of the Department of Extraction Technologies and Mining Support. He is a well-recognized specialist about mining and engineering geology. Author and co-author of 200 scientific publications and listed author’s books. He has participated in several national and international projects, working with research institutions in Europe and across the world. He is a member of national and foreign associations and organizations including AusIMM – Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, International Organizing Committee of World Mining Congress, and a member of Mining Committee of Polish Academy of Sciences. He is visiting professor at Henan Polytechnic University and Shandong University in China.

Alicja KRZEMIEŃ – Associate Professor at the Central Mining Institute (GIG) in Katowice, Poland.

Head of the Laboratory of Risk Assessment and Industrial Safety, at the Department of Extraction Technologies, Rockburst and Risk Assessment at GIG. She chairs the EURACOAL’s Technical Research Committee and is a member of the European Commission’s Advisory Group for Coal (CAG). A lecturer in Risk Management at the University of Oviedo (Spain). Author and co-author of 50 scientific publications, has also participated in 12 European-funded coal-related and post-mining-oriented projects, both as a member team and as a coordinator.

POTENTIALS Project was presented at the “International Mining Lecture Series“, organised by the North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers

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